Scales of War

Day 3 in Rivenroar

As recorded in Gourim's journal

It’s now day three in the unforgiving catacombs of Rivenroar. The walls of this once great hall have been stained with the blood of our enemies and unfortunately the blood of our allies. Sometimes I wonder if Carric and Therai were right to leave. When they told me they would no longer weather the horrors of these dreadful halls I cursed them as cowards. Maybe Therai’s dark nature allowed him to see this place more clearly than I. Though we’ve lost two comrades, we’ve gained another! Nom met Carric and Therai as they left and came to give us aid on our quest.

Aro has succumbed to the poison from the blade of a vile Gnome and is holed up in one of the old cells we’ve found in the dngeon his wounds are being attended by Sartenian. So far we’ve rescued four prisoners and found one dead. Kartenix, a brave soldier of brindol, died by the “hands” of an ettercap webspinner and her two fang guards. I am not looking forward to giving the news to his son, who is also taken prisoner somewhere within this Moradin-forsaken place. We have yet to recover any of the lost artifacts of the Great Hall of Valor.

We’ve discovered that the doors that lead to the cells where Aro is being tended triggers the summon of two monsters of hot molten rock. Though these monsters have been easily beaten twice, we think it wise not to tempt fate.

After dispatching the magma monsters we went into the east hall and traveled north where we found another room being used as barracks for the soldiers of the red hand. At first, only one heavily-armored and battle-hardened hobgoblin with his guard drake came after us. However, the cramped quarters made it difficult for us to quickly overtake them. As the fight had just merely begun reinforcements began running down the spiral staircase to join the fight. The reinforcements were weak and we found ourselves victorious as the last goblin archer fled.

Up the spiral staircase we found four sarcophagi where in lie the dead bodies of evil lords. We searched the bodies and fond some items that had been inbued with mystical powers. It is certain…Moradin is with us.

We entered through a door on the south side of the crypt. The room was completely dark other than the glowing amber eyes of displacer beast statues and the lightly candled altar where a beaten woman sat tied, her eyes wild with terror. Standing before her was the same archer that had fled the battle at the bottom of the spiral staircase. I was the first to charge into battle and found myself attacked by many creatures hidden in the dark. Regen threw a torch in the middle of the room and our enemies no longer had the cover of darkness. The battle was long, but we were victorious. We rescued Mirtala, who was very shaken and at first could not speak. Regen was able to calm her and she gave us vital information about where we can find some of the other prisoners.

We now only had one more door to clear before moving to the next level of the catacombs. We traveled through the east door in the entrance chamber. We crawled up the long stairs to find a room lit by runes glowing on the floor. The runes spell out “Von Jallach” in a phonetic alphabet wizards sometimes use. Out of the alcoves many small dinosaurs gathered into two swarms and came at us. This was our greatest challenge yet. I fell twice in melee and Regen fell once. The small reptiles would overtake us and bring us to the ground. Once they had us there they would bite us continually and a hidden gnome would take pot shots at us from across the room. If it wasn’t for Nom and his adept knack for medicine I fear Regen and I would have perished. We eventually killed all of the swarming reptiles and the gnome fled to the next room where he took his own life.

In the next room we found adronius and a fountain of fresh water. We decided to camp here for a night and tend to our wounds.



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